Extreme Sports

5 Extreme Sports for the Outdoor Enthusiast

By on May 12, 2018
5 Extreme Sports for the Outdoor Enthusiast

You can engage in extreme sports just for fun, but in other cases, extreme sporting is all about going to limits that are humanly possible. Whether doing it for fun, or trying something new, extreme sports carry a wow factor that gives them a special appeal. Whether you like to rappel down a waterfall or paraglide off a volcano, you can take on several other outdoor sports that will give you a different form of excitement. Read on for a list of extreme outdoor activities that will captivate you.

Scuba Diving

While you might not consider scuba diving as extreme diving, but consider this for a moment. You will be more than 100 feet below the water surface and a tank of oxygen on your back is the only thing that will keep you alive. You shouldn’t forget the creatures that will lurk behind you.

Mountain Boarding

Mountain boarding is also termed as off-road boarding or dirt-boarding. For this sport, you will take on various terrains and you will do a few tricks as well as downhill races. Mountain boarding is quite comparable to snowboarding and skateboarding.  Here is a closer look.

White water rafting

This is an interesting sport where you will use an inflatable kayak or a raft to navigate unstable choppy waters or navigate turbulent currents. The rafters move down unexpected waterfalls and hit sharp rock protrusions and you’re likely to be thrown away from your position. You therefore need to hold tightly on the raft.

Ice cross downhill

This is an interesting outdoor sport that is a combination of hockey and speed skating. You and your three friends wearing pads as well we hockey skates will race on an ice track. Racing on steep hills, rollers, jumps, and
sharp turns will provide you with amazing scenes.

Cliff diving

Cliff diving is not the ordinary dive from a big outcrop at your local diving site. It entails diving from cliffs that are as high as 10 to 20 meters. Jumping from such a high height will make you feel like you breaking through reinforced concrete. With cliff diving you have nothing to take to chance. Remember, you will not have any protective clothing, you will just put on your ordinary swimming costumes. This justifies why you must be precise with your diving.

Extreme sporting will take your outdoor experience to a whole new level. There are more than a hundred of these extreme sporting activities. However, you need to know what is required of you before taking on any of them. Some of these sports are quite risky and any miscalculation can be fatal.

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Weekend Activities

Weekend Activities for the Outdoor Enthusiast

By on May 6, 2018
Weekend Activities for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Nothing is better than getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors.  Surrounded by flora and fauna rejuvenates the spirit and sparks our curiosity.  Some people enjoy spending time in the outdoors during their free time such as over the weekend.  There are lots of things to do while you’re outside to keep you occupied either by yourself or with friends.  Here are some weekend activities for the outdoor enthusiast.

Play a classic game of tag

We all played this game as a kid and not only was it thoroughly entertaining it was a great workout.  You can still play this game as a group of adults and have a hilarious time.  It is best played on a plain field with lots of grass to hop, duck and run.

Scavenger hunt

a scavenger hunt is a great outdoor activity that can bring out the detective in you.  You can enjoy this activity with your friends or family in the great outdoors.  Simply begin creating lists of ambiguous descriptions of items.  After that, provide all the participants with a copy of the list.  Then you can all go exploring and try to discover the items on the list.  You can do this in open fields, bushy areas or even on the beach.

Engage in some geocaching

This is essentially a more technologically advanced version of the scavenger hunt.  To go geocaching, you start by downloading a dedicated application of the same name.  After that you can use it to register on their website and start participating.

There are caches of items that are distributed all over the world.  They are all logged by use of Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates.  Each cache has some clues that give hints to its location that were written by the person who created it.  It also has a small piece of paper where finders can write their name and details to prove they found it.

A great feature of the geocaching app is that you can keep records of the caches that you find.  This activity is superb for those that love to explore the outdoors.  It can keep you occupied all weekend and have you exploring the world around you alongside other explorers.

The outdoors are great for some adventures if you love spending time in nature.  These are some of the activities that you can try out over a weekend.  Invite friends and family along, it is a great way to hang out and spend some time together.   It can also have you feeling like a kid again.

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